Project: Food and Water for Kenyan Children


As a non-profit organization our focus is to reach all, as we care for orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children and their guardian families. With much needed volunteers, child sponsorship, donations and support partnerships we can foster and continue to grow our current projects:

Blessed Hope Centre and School

The Blessed Hope Centre and School offers year round care and education to orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children whose parents have passed away due to HIV/AIDS complications. In several situations, such children are rejected by their community .When all these children arrive at our door in need, Blessed Hope Centre is dedicated to meeting their needs regardless of family, history, handicaps or diseases. Children, who would otherwise be rejected and discarded, now have a chance at life and something to smile about.

To protect our children from unwanted threats and to improve the services at the Blessed Hope Centre and School, we need volunteers, donations and support partnerships to help us raise the $5,000USD and labour needed to construct fencing around our orphanage and the $9,000USD and labour needed to build more dormitories to help house all the children comfortably.

Orphans School Feeding Program

In a typical Kenyan community there is barely enough food to go round every day. Normally children are given just one meal a day.

Blessed Hope Centre is geared towards feeding such children with meals 3 times a day. What are you feeding them? Need more details here.

We need volunteers, donations and support partnerships to help us raise the $4,000 USD and labour needed to build a kitchen to help provide meals for our orphaned, vulnerable and abandoned children.

We need child sponsorship of our children to assist with providing them with 3 meals a day to keep them healthy. From as little as $50USD per month you can make a significant difference in the life of a child.

The Relief Program

Kenya Relief Project This takes place occasionally in the rainy and dry seasons. This happens because the community's harvests do not sustain them. Harvests are so small because of land fragmentation whereby the land is too small to cater for the large population. Agriculture cannot be mechanized and many parts of the country can go for years without rain. This can leave communities with absolutely nothing to eat. Due to the high poverty rate the community uses indigenous seeds which do not produce much.

With donations and support partnerships, Blessed Children's Hope Foundation is able to distribute food stuffs (maize, beans, sugar, cooking fat, rice etc); hybrid seeds; clothes, shoes and treated mosquito nets, especially in the rainy season where Malaria infection is highest, to the community.


So many orphans have been left behind and so it is important to educate and empower them on how to take care of themselves in the future.

With much needed donations and support partnerships, Blessed Children's Hope Foundation will be able to initiate our Poultry Farm Project. This will allow us to purchase 500 chicks and set up the infrastructure of the farm. This project will have 2 purposes: The income and produce from the Poultry Farm will provide our 32 orphans with much needed food, education, clothing, medication and other basic needs. We will be able to distribute a portion of the chicks to widows and their children who will be taught by professionals on how to rear them so that they too will be able to provide produce for their families and will be able to sell them for money to purchase other basic needs. In the African communities, women are the pillars of the survival of the family and we see this Poultry Farm Project as a very important part of supporting and empowering these women to provide for their families into the future.

We need volunteers, donations and support partnerships to help us raise the approximately $6,000USD and labour needed to get this project off the ground.

Blessed Children's Hope Foundation has involved the community in their journey towards their own self-sustenance. Kenya Micro Finance Project


The widows in the Kenyan community have come together and have formed a micro-finance group. This group meets occasionally to pray and study together. They usually bring their money together to support the establishment of several projects that they hope to accomplish for the sake of their children.

Medical Services

Kenya Medical ProjectMost of the communities in Kenya live below the poverty line, with their meals characterized by sub-standard food. Many of the residents are also HIV/AIDS positive. There is a lack of sanitary water for cooking and drinking and with open defecation on the rise, the water that flows in the rivers is unsuitable for human consumption. Open defecation is a major health risk with diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, amoebic, malaria, warm infections and others being transmitted through the rivers.

These factors have seen too many reports of illness among the communities, a lot of which goes untreated. This is because the nearest health facility is over 10 kilometres away and with no means of transport, many people opt for traditional medicine for their sick relatives which causes many people to die. For this reason, we conduct medical camps to meet these people. We pray for funds from donations and support partnerships to construct a health facility where the community can come and be treated for all diseases.

Food and Water for Kenyan Children

Kenya Water ProjectAt Blessed Children's Hope Foundation we are committed to ensuring there is plenty food and water for use in the community... and highly focusing on food security also... we too, ensure usage of clean water.

Everyone deserves to have clean and sanitary water for drinking and cooking.

We identified the need for a water well when it was witnessed that the community was using unclean water for drinking and cooking. We are able to provide clean water for use but that is not enough.

The community will benefit greatly from the construction of a water well to collect clean water and a water tank to hold the clean water for easy access and also for collection.

We are praying for the volunteers, donations and support partnerships needed to raise $1,000USD to construct a water well and install a water tank in order for the community to access sanitary water for domestic use.

Blessed Children's Hope Foundation

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