Blessed Children's Hope Foundation
Blessed Children's Hope Foundation

Poultry Farm Project

The purpose of this project is to setup a self-sustaining Poultry Farm to provide for our children's needs in the orphanage and the needs of our community.. We anticipate that the poultry farm will be self-sustaining within 5 months of acquiring all the funds we need to set up the poultry farm and purchase the chickens and all necessary supplies.

Project Steps

Of the chickens we intend to purchase, we will be distributing chicks to widows and their children who will be taught by professionals on how to rear them so that they too will be able to provide produce for their families and will be able to sell them for money to purchase other basic needs. Our orphans will also be taught how to rear the chickens in our farm to teach them much needed survival skills for adulthood.

The establishment of this project requires just a one off donation. With this one off donation, we will be able to build a self-sustaining poultry farm which will provide amazing resources for our Communities and our orphans.

This project will be life transforming for our kids and our communities!!!!

If you would like to provide ongoing support to our orphans, then you may consider child sponsorship to make a significant difference in the lives of our children.

Blessed Childrens Hope Foundation
Blessed Children's Hope Foundation
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